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Hi, I'm Joëlle

My name is Joëlle and I'm a singer, healer and coach. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but there is even more stuff that I do.

I love to serve my crowd with love and passion, whether that is with singing, coaching, card readings, making oil blends or other things.

I am here to inspire people to listen to their own voice and intuition and to live life to the fullest. Standing in the light, while working through emotions, layers and traumas in the dark.

There is no light without the dark. 

I’m here to create a safe space for those who need it, help them reconnect to themselves and connect people with other beautiful souls so we can help, heal, uplift and inspire each other throughout the world.

You are not alone, we are in this together.

There is no such thing as a teacher and a student, it’s an exchange of energy and I am here to experience that journey to the fullest. Are you?

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Your life is the result of your daily small actions and habits 

Online Courses & Programs


This is NOT just another course you see floating around the internet.

It’s a complete transformational METHOD that will help you go from feeling lack of energy, feeling a bit (or a lot) lost, not knowing who you are or what you want… to the Best Version Of Yourself.

Feel radiant e-Book

Do you need a boost of energy to recover your joy and self-esteem?

This eBook is for you.

6 steps to get back on track and re-connect with yourself.

Rewire to Manifest

“What You Think, Believe, Say, And Keep Affirming About You And About Life, Is The Very Thing That's Keeping You Stuck”

And with Rewire To Manifest you will learn the process to disconnect with your old self in order to connect with your future self and create the life you want.



I’m very new to healing sessions, but Joëlle made me feel at ease and she explained what the session would look like. I travel a lot and I was feeling a bit restless, and after traveling 
to South Africa I had this heavy energy with me that I wanted to get rid of. During the session I felt completely relax and super heavy plus here and there  some sensations of limbs getting warm. After the session I felt way lighter, super relax and sleepy. When I went home I felt light and as if the heavy energy was gone, so that was fantastic!


I went to see Joëlle for a session on a winter day in Ibiza. Her warm personality together with a fireplace in the treatment space, made me feel really comfortable. 
I was open to her treatment, as I never received one before. But I could never have imagined it would be so powerful. Inside myself - under her hands - I went on an interesting journey. Colorful, intense and healing. Quite remarkably Joelle could feel and see the things I felt and saw during the session. I felt she moved something within me and the treatment even continued to have an effect for some days.


Joëlle is a well equipped and experienced healer. She managed to give all of the participants of my retreat a treatment that shifted their state and energy, which was very suppportive for the whole process. In addition to this she is a super kind, warm and spiritual person. Definitely an add-on for your retreat or holiday.

The Sessions

Everything is energy. You, me, the plants, everything.

In a healing session, whether it is on distance or physical, I will channel life force energy to you.

It’s always energy that you need in the moment.

The session can help with losing tension, clear blockages or reducing stress levels in the mind and body.
The session is really relaxing and a wonderful experience to heal your energy field.

You can feel temperature changes in the body, tingling in the fingers and/or feet or other physical movements. It also can give messages through Spirit Guides or show images/vision.

This can be shown to me but also maybe to you. It al depends on how open you are to receive it and in which way. 

Everything is ok, you will always get what you need in the moment which is for your highest good.

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Inner Community

This is a place outside all the noise and distraction from social media where we can connect on a deeper and more intimate level.

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